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How Animal Communication prevented a cat from becoming homeless

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Sammie's Mom reached out to one of my friends a couple months ago asking if she knew of anyone who would take Sammie because he was not using his litter box and ruining their carpet. Fortunately for Sammie, my friend referred her to me. The first time that I spoke to Sammie he told me that he did not like scented litter and that he did not like the location of his litter box. His Mom made the changes that Sammie requested and he went from hardly ever using the box to only having a couple of accidents. Her review is below.

"Thank you for all of the information you have given us! I changed his litter and moved his box. He's had three accidents since, which honestly is pretty great! He's been more loving and seems happier than ever!"

I talked to Sammie again recently after he had started pooping on the floor more frequently. Sammie told me exactly what the issue was... his Mom and Dad were telling him to poop on the floor. With just some communication and thought modification on the part of the humans, Sammie has not had any more issues. Nothing had to change but the way the humans were thinking in order to have the issue resolved.

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