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Code of Ethincs

  • I seek to open the channels of communication with all species in order to learn as much as I can from them and to understand them on a higher and more spiritual level.

  • I promise to honor all creatures, living or deceased, with love, compassion, and respect during any exchange of energetic messages.

  • I will enter into all energetic communication sessions humbly and gracefully and with the sole purpose of creating peace, harmony, understanding or a better experience for all involved.

  • I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to properly raise my vibration, set my intention, implement prayers of protection, initiate communication, thank them for their messages, and properly close down each communication session with love and respect.

  • I promise to always put the animal’s needs before my own or their human guardian. If an animal does not wish to share certain information I will not pressure them in any way I will honor their need for privacy.

  • I will never judge those who come to me for assistance and will work diligently so each animal and their guardian will better understand each other.

  • I promise to be mindful of my own unfulfilled emotions or opinions so that I may walk in total clarity and purity of any situation without bias.

  • I promise to realize my own limitations and I will respectfully decline any communication session that exceeds my level of expertise.

  • I promise to respect the privacy of all people, situations, events, and sensitive information that is obtained and honor their need for confidentiality.

  • I understand that there is certain information that I may not be entitled to obtain during a communication session.

  • I promise to only go where I am asked to help and I accept that I may not be  able to help in every situation presented and will seek the advice from other professionals when needed.

  • I will walk in my truth, never diagnosing, treating, or otherwise prescribing outside of my own credentials for any animal and will refer people to veterinarians and other health care providers in those cases.

  • I understand that not all animals are meant to be found, healed, or cured of illness or disease and that it may be the life purpose of that animal to have a particular experience with their human.

  • I will continue to enhance my own intuition and telepathic abilities with study, mentoring, and guidance from those who have walked this path before me.

  • I will offer to share the animal’s areas of pain, discomfort, stress, or other symptoms made known to me through any communication session as strictly informational and allow the pet parent to determine the proper route of treatment.

  • I promise to bring only the best of intentions to any communication session.

  • I promise to honor all living and departed souls with dignity and grace at all times.

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