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Commonly used antibiotic can be deadly to our pets

This gorgeous boy is Teddy. I want to share his story to raise awareness of a very commonly used drug that can cause death in both cats and dogs. The drug is Convenia, which is an injectable antibiotic, that is marketed as being much more convenient than giving your pet pills. This drug stays in your pets system for two months, and exhibits its antibiotic effects for up to two weeks. If your pet has a reaction to it, there is no way to reverse the effects.

Teddy's Mom took him to the vet for a minor cut on his leg that happened at the groomer. Teddy's vet gave him a shot of Convenia to prevent infection. Within two hours of the appointment he started going downhill, acting drunk, not able to walk well and was lethargic. By 4am he was in distress and his Mom rushed him to the emergency vet. When they arrived at the vet, Teddy was so sick they said that there was nothing that they could do to save him and recommended that he be euthanized.

Teddy's vet didn't tell his Mom that the antibiotic that they gave him had any side effects, and certainly did not tell her that this drug can cause and has caused death in many pets. My cats have had the Convenia injection and not once was I told that this could be a dangerous drug. I was told the exact opposite, that this is a great drug that will prevent me from having to give my cat pills.

Please do your own research before letting your pet get this injection. There are many stories just like Teddy's all over the internet.

My pets all have it noted in their charts to not give them the Convenia shot.

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