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How I Found Animal Communication...  


After being laid off from my job in the tech field,  I was lost and devastated.  I had no idea where my next paycheck would come from or how I was going to feed my animals.  I went soul searching for what my true calling was.  As I looked around my house at all of my beloved pets, I knew animals were my greatest friends and teachers.  This is when I first found Animal Communication.  I have always loved animals, and have always shared my home with many pets and have done quite a bit of animal rescue work. 




I took an online beginners Animal Communication course and didn’t have much success.  But luckily, I stuck with it, and through extensive training, my persistence and passion paid off.  One morning when I had just awoke, laying in bed cuddling with my cat Barney, I felt so connected to him, so I started a telepathic conversation with him.  It totally blew me away.  I was able to feel how he felt in his body, my neck itched where he had been scratching due to allergies, but most of all I felt unconditional love pouring from his heart.  That morning I had very clear conversations with Barney, my dog Chipper and my dog Little Bear.  The communication happened so easily, and I learned a lot about each one of them.  I was so excited to discover that the common theme of their communications to me was that I needed to pursue Animal Communication!  My animals were cheering me on! 




The very next day I joined a year long Animal Communication certification class and pursued developing my psychic and mediumship gifts.  




Animal Communication is both fulfilling and fun for me.  My life behind the computer is now in the rear view mirror; and all I can see now is my own joy being reflected back to me in my animals’ faces.  My soul is finally at peace, being the voice for animals.  I have given hundreds of animals a voice that they did not have before.  I have watched the lives of animals and their humans change for the better after doing a session with them and it is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done.  I am ready to connect you with your pets or departed loved ones, or help you learn Animal Communication.  



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My Education and Credentials

Completed a year long Animal Communication Certification program with Maia Kincaid Ph.D. at the Sedona International School for Animal & Nature Communication

Completed The Animal Communication Mastery Program with Karen Anderson, Pet Loss and Afterlife Specialist

Completed a Mediumship class with Psychic Medium Sarah Lemos, and am currently in her Pathways to Spirit class that I will be finishing in June.


Little Bear

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