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I didn't know animals could tell time...

This is my Allie cat. She is a 7lb fearless girl who lives to chase bugs and climb trees. I really don't like letting her outside, but she loves being outside so much I do let her out when the weather is nice.

When I first started letting her out, it was a challenge to get her to come inside at dark. Every night I was going out and yelling for her, sometimes she came to me, sometimes she didn't. This terrified me and drove me crazy. One night she didn't come home at all.

I spent the night walking around yelling for her, worried that something had happened to her.

She walked up to the porch about 10:30 am the next morning. I was so happy to see her that I grabbed her, hugged her and cried. After this adventure, I kept her inside for about a week. She was starting to go stir crazy, literally climbing the walls and clawing at them trying to dig her way outside.

I finally decided to talk to her. This was when I had just started doing animal communication and I wasn't always confident in my abilities, especially when talking to my own pets. I sat down and talked to her. I explained why I don't like her to go outside, and especially why I do not want her outside at dark. I then made a deal with her... I would let her outside if she would come home at dark.

She has kept her end of the bargain every day since then. She is always on the porch when it starts getting dark.

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