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  • How do I prepare for an appointment?
    Prepare a list of questions or issues that you would like to discuss. Send me an email at least 24 hours in advance of your session to Include animal(s) name, age, how long they have been with you, your phone number, and your list of questions. Also let me know if you would like to do an online Zoom session or over the telephone. If you prefer Zoom, please make sure that it is set up and ready to go on your device.
  • What species can you communicate with?
    Any! I have communicated with the tiniest insects to whales. They all have something to say, and many times their wisdom is very surprising!
  • Does my animal need to be with me during the session?
    Your animal does not need to be with you during the session.
  • Does the animal have to belong to me?
    Yes, the animal needs to belong to you. It would be a violation of privacy to communicate with someone else's pet without their permission.
  • Can you help with medical issues?
    Animal Communication is never a substitute for veterinary care. I can help to pinpoint the issue or translate the symptoms that the animal describes so that the veterinarian can have more information.
  • How can communication help with a new animal?
    Things can be quite confusing for an animal when they join your family. I can communicate with your new animal to let them know what is happening, what your expectations are, and communicate to you what the animal would like. This communication can make the transition much easier on you and the animal.
  • Can you stop behaviors that I do not like?
    I cannot make an animal do anything that they do not want to do. I can open a dialog between you and the animal that will in many cases minimize or rectify the behavior.
  • Can you communicate with my pet who has passed?
    Yes, I do many communications with pets who have passed.
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