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"I would recommend her to anyone"

Melinda has a gift to communicate with our loved ones on the other side. My 1 year old Pitt mix passed away February 4th of 2021 and I spoke with Melinda the fourth week after losing my sweet Pitt Aspen. She was able to answer so many of my questions by translating for myself and Aspen. She was even able to communicate to me that Aspen was happy with where her Ashes were placed and that I had a photo of her next to it. She told me who greeted Aspen when she crossed over and that Aspen was thrilled to see them. I am so thankful for Melindas time and for her sharing her gift with me. I would recommend her to anyone and have already started to recommend her to family and friends. Thank you so much Melinda.

--Kirsten & Aspen


"He's been more loving and seems happier than ever"

Thank you for all of the information you have given us!  I changed his litter and moved his box.  He's had three accidents since, which honestly is pretty great!  He's been more loving and seems happier than ever!

Update after second session, Sammie has had no accidents at all.

--Kirstin & Sammie



"You are the real deal & I'm so glad that we had our session"

Wow!!  I was blown away with how much information you were able to gather from all three of the dogs.  We have already started making adjustments when it comes to Roman and I’m already noticing a subtle difference.  I think that you did an amazing job and didn’t try to do any leading which can cause people to be skeptical.  You are the real deal and I’m so glad that we had our session!!

--Crystal, Wolf, Roman & Fenrir

Fenrir & Roman

Nikko & Nikko Together.jpg

"I feel better knowing that Nikki is doing good."

Nikko, our beloved German Shephard, passed away in February of 2021 from lymphoma. We have been very sad about his passing, and I wanted to know how he was doing and if he felt that we gave him the best life possible. Also, I wanted to know how Nikko's bonded mate Nikki (German Shephard) was dealing with this passing. Melinda conveyed some very touching information that Nikko shared with her to tell me. And I feel better knowing that Nikki is doing good.  I'm happy that Nikko had an opportunity to tell us how he feels and that he loves us as much as we love him.

--Marca, Nikko & Nikki

Nikko & Nikki


"Melinda was very kind and compassionate"

Able to relay some info from our dog that was spot on for his personality and the circumstances of his passing. Melinda was very kind and compassionate.

--Erin & Brian


 I feel like I have been walking around with a weighted vest on and for the first time it has been taken off of me.

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